About Us

Gitgirl is Africa's first data academy for women by women. We prepare students to thrive in a knowledge-based economy by giving them skills for careers of the future, today.

Our Mission

We are economically empowering African women. We do this by equipping our students with high-value skills in data science, computer programming, and business strategy.
Our inclusive community seeks to normalize a diverse representation of African women in tech, while working together to build solutions that address some of our generations most pressing challenges through Gitgirl's project-based curriculum.

Our Impact Objectives

  • Ensure women with the passion and readiness to succeed can access Gitgirl programs regardless of their financial means. We have already given 93 students access to our programming at subsidized rates.
  • Increase the representation of African women in tech roles across a range of industries.
  • Build and foster a tech talent pipeline that is gender-inclusive in order to help diversify the talent pools of our hiring partners.
  • Help close the global skills gap and improve workforce gender balance.

  • Our Story

    Gitigrl began as an experiment to help African women in tech upskill, and about 300 women across Africa signed up. Gitgirl was then launched with a mission to provide accessible and topnotch digital education for women, we're focused on developing programs and financing options to ensure that students have the means and support systems they need to learn at Gitgirl. Our innovative programs also provide scholarships and free training to underserved and overlooked female talent.

    The Team


    Yes. The curriculum was structured to simplify learning, and it is beginner friendly.

    Programs under the school of data run for 3-6 months.

    No. You can take a loan through our financing partners and pay in installments.

    Yes. Classes are virtual and flexible. We put into consideration women who have full time jobs and other responsibilities, however, from time to time we have offline events such as weekly yoga sessions and monthly study group/hangouts.

    People outside Lagos can only be part of the virtual training for now. There are plans being put in place to expand to other locations so as to enjoy the benefits of our offline events.

    At the end of the program, you would have a portfolio of projects you’ve worked on and a remote internship experience that helps us place you in a job that enables your career growth. Read more on the Career Help page.