Career Coaching and Services
Gitgirl wants to help you thrive in tech as a woman. We go an extra mile to make sure you advance your career after successful graduation from our program

Our Commitment:

Gitgirl is committed to seeing you receive a job offer in the field of study for which we have prepared you. Our programs are practical, designed to give you real-world experience before you complete your studies. We do this by connecting you to transformative companies working both locally and globally to create high impact solutions through technology.

What we offer:

All Gitgirl students taking the advanced courses have access to a career readiness module that can help them, improve soft skills, prepare attractive CVs, and practice for interviews.

Module Completion:

After completing our career readiness module, you will be connected to job opportunities both remotely (with companies based outside Nigeria) and locally.

What are job opportunities?

We define "job opportunities" as:

  • A paid position as an employee, apprentice, intern or independent contractor
  • An average of 30 hours or more per week, or multiple offers for part-time work constituting the equivalent of an average of 30 hours or more per week
  • At least four weeks in duration

    We are currently building a database of Gitgirl Academy employer partners to make matching sucessful students and reputable companies even easier.

    More details on our Career Services will be available soon.