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We provide education, products and the right community to help you succeed as a business owner. Today’s business objectives are achieved with user research, design, distribution, analysis, and strategy. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to add a new skill, you’ll establish the right foundations with Gitgirl Boss

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29 April 2019

Data Tracking for Project Managers

Immersive Curriculums

Gitgirl curriculums are immersive in core data fields. They are designed to be interactive and will encourage you to embrace active learning. Our world-class content is developed both in-house by local experts and by international partners.

Founder Community

Over 1000+ founders, experts and business owners connecting to share insights and helping you and your business succeed.

Business Services

Our business services include workspace membership plans, business plan development, business intelligence, lead generation strategies, business blueprinting, admin & accounting consulting, software solutions strategy and many more

Membership Plans

We don’t make financing a hinderance to your investment. We offer varying membership plans to help you achieve your goals and receive value for what you can afford.

Scholarship for Recent Graduates

Are you fresh out of school, not sure how to launch a career in tech? Apply for our new graduate scholarships to study at the academy with almost no financial implications.